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Are you curious about playing Casino Hold’em? We need to tell you, Casino Hold’em is not the same as poker in general because some of it doesn’t play against other opponents.

There’s no option to raise the bet or RAISE or go BLUFF, and if you still think this is the same as Texas Hold’em Poker, it’s better to throw that assumption away. This also has an advantage because it makes those of you who can’t install a Poker Face or those who find it difficult to BLUFF because their expressions are too legible to have a greater chance of winning. What’s more, if you play online, this means you don’t have to face to face with the DEALER who will be your only opponent in this game. Isn’t that great?

What is the exact strategy in playing Casino Hold’em?

So here we are for the strategy. When you play Casino Hold’em, the PLAYER strategy is limited to deciding if the card in your hand is good to play or CALL or better back or FOLD. But many players who are familiar with poker know that in a one-on-one poker game, most of the cards in the hand are neither good nor weak.


So with neither player nor DEALER benefiting from having more capital / CHIP than the other, the ability to BLUFF or any other common poker strategy, the only way to win is to play your cards as well as possible.

CALL, see FLOP or RIVER cards, that’s the best way to play Casino Hold’em .

However, cards 2-7 which are not as leafy or known as 2-7 OFFSUIT cards, for example a 7 heart card and a 2 curly card, are still considered the worst cards you can play, so don’t use this basic strategy if you get that card.

Casino Hold’em Tips and Tricks for the City to lose.

As we said before, in Casino Hold’em general poker strategy is made simpler by the absence of BLUFFs and tactics to beat opposing players. However, besides playing cards in the best possible hand, the most appropriate way to increase your chances of winning is closely related to how you manage your capital.

The key is to use a betting system:

The Martingale system is a general system that is often used by many classic casino players such as in Blackjack and Roulette games.

The logic in the Martingale System is actually simple, the point is to adjust your bet amount by only betting / spinning the money you win, rather than using the capital in the hand you brought at the beginning of your game.

The steps for applying this System to are as follows. But don’t forget, after you win, you will repeat the round again, meaning you always return to the beginning when you won.

When you lose, simply bet the same amount as when you lost. For example, you lose 100, which means that in the next round you bet the same amount that you lost before or 100.
When you win, raise the bet by 1 chip again,
Collect your total wins throughout the round, and start a new round by following the steps above.
These tips and tricks paired with the strategies we mentioned earlier will give you a better chance of winning against the bookie. Please try…